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Renaissance Center is a family centered non-profit education and performing art organization. The Center provides innovative French immersion programs and daycare for infants, toddlers and pre-schools and their families. Our  programs offer comprehensive services to support the mental, social and emotional development of our participants and their families.

Our varied educational programs are designed to help bridge the gap of understanding and create global citizens who advocate for positive change. RCCE encourage and sustain the academic progression of children from early education programs through secondary school and beyond.

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Our mission is to support a community of bilingual families  by supporting the natural development of French language skills and  strengthen family value for children while preparing them for success in school . Our goal is to provide a safe, caring, and respectful environment that honors diversity and promotes cultural awareness.


Our Vision is founded on the advantages of growing up multilingual and promoting a community of bilingualism. We believe that children learn languages easily early in life, and knowing a second language is a huge advantage later in life. RCCE is committed to providing children with an environment that fosters enthusiasm for learning and language acquisition in a hands-on, child centered, culturally rich environment. RCCE’s developmentally appropriate Dual French Immersion  curriculum will help develop school readiness, exposure to cultural diversity, self-awareness, and social and emotional well-being so that preschool children can feel capable, connected, important and independent.


Respect towards our children, parents, and coworkers. Open and frequent communication with our parents and our staff. Conscientious of Safety and Risk to our children dedication to creating a professional, fun, and nurturing environment. Creativity bringing new ideas to expand the minds of our children. Never forgetting our motto "Explore, Play  and Learn".


The safety, health and happiness of your children is our number one priority. Our role as educators in your children’s lives is to provide love, respect and support. To guide their learning, and encourage them to be actively involved in their learning process.

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