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Founder & CEO

Elisabeth Hando Ngatchou is the founder Renaissance Center for Culture and Education (RCCE), she is Early childhood educator and parent engagement specialist. She holds a Master degree in Electronic engineering. Vice president of Galaxy Healthcare Solutions and advocate for people with developmental disability in DC. 

She has been assisting under-serve and vulnerable families with resources to navigate in the system for over 10 years. RCCE was established and incorporated in DC in 2012. It was an organic and natural outcome of her passion to support the successful integration of French speaking Africans immigrant families into their host communities. Elisabeth opened the doors of RCCE to meet these unique psychosocial needs encountered by African French speaking immigrant families such as early childhood Education program, after-school tutoring, literacy skills, parenting, and cultural immersion.



Arnold Cedric Tientcheu

Dr. Sharon Asonganyiu

Dr. Robert D Fai

Theodore Ngatchou

Sonia Atabong

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